What People Before Profit Stand For:

Make the minimum wage a living wage of $20 per hour

Reintroduce penal rates for the weekends – $30 per hour for nightshifts and weekends.

Rent control Now

Build 100,000 new state houses. Tax the 33,000 empty houses in Auckland 10% of their capital value to end speculation and build 100,000 new, warm, healthy state houses, creating employment.

Free Education for all

Tax the rich to pay for it. Stop inter-generational theft of a political class that benefited from state funded tertiary education. Cancel all student debt now.

Free Public transport

No more new road or motorway building. Use the savings to get 1,000 new electric buses for Auckland that are 24/7, free and frequent. Extend rail to the airport. System change not climate change.

No more corporate led globalisation

Unequivocally reject the TPPA and any proposed successor. Globalise environmental and labour rights – Workers of the World Unite!

Abolish the WINZ regime and unemployment

With solidarity centres and a liveable, universal basic income. Empower the community. Fund Playcentres, Eco Neighbourhoods, community art projects – allow young people to work in social schemes that benefit them and their neighbourhoods. Abolish secondary tax and GST. Fund it through a Robin Hood tax. Taxing all financial transactions at 1%.

Fight Racism and exploitation

Migrants and refugees are welcome here. Stop the deportations – amnesty for the Indian students. Double the refugee quota instantly – take 10,000 refugees as soon as possible.

Cut Politicians pay

Put them on the average wage and see how quickly the world will change. Abolish CCOs (Council Controlled Organisations) in Auckland. Put our port, transport and other resources under genuine community, democratic control.

End the war on drugs

Decriminalise. Fight poverty to fight the P epidemic. Provide free rehabilitation to those addicted to drugs.


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